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 2023 Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk Resource Page

We want our 2023 Walk captains, participants, donors and volunteers to be set up for success when they are recruiting, speaking, and advocating about the Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk and Cancer LifeNet to friends and family members. That is why we created a resource page, where you can find information about Cancer LifeNet, the Walk, sharable statistics, links to our social media pages and much more!



Sharable Statistics about Cancer LifeNet:

$150,000+: The total amount raised from donations, registrations and sponsorships
for the Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk.

33: The # of different states we received donations from during the 2021 Walk.

300+: The # of programs and services offered by Cancer LifeNet, 

including nurse navigation, financial advisement, support groups, nutrition classes and more!

>17,000: The # of individuals who have been able to utilize the services
offered by Cancer LifeNet since its inception in 2006.

$1,000,000: The cost to operate the Cancer LifeNet program annually, with many of those $ coming through personal philanthropy
from events just like this!

$0.00: The cost a cancer patient or loved one incurs to receive world class supportive care services
provided by Cancer LifeNet, thanks to philanthropy.



Social Media Links:

Here are the links to our Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk and
Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation Social Media pages. 

REMEMBER: Be sure to use our official 2023 Walk hashtag "#IWalkFor" to let your friends, family and the Walk community know who you are walking in honor/memory of. Be sure to give us a "Like" and "Share" our content!

Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation (UCHF) Facebook Page: LINK

Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation Instagram Page: LINK

Chesapeake Cancer Alliance Facebook Page: LINK



Sample Social Media/Participant Center Posts:

The best way to get donations is to craft an engaging message for your social media account or participant center. That way, when your friends, family and colleagues see your post or go to your page on the website, they will know what you are fundraising for and how they can help.

Here are a few samples below to help inspire you! These are just examples, so make it personal as to why YOU are walking.

Sample Copy for Facebook/Participant Center

“Hello Facebook Friends! This year, I am participating in the 2023 Amanda Hichkad Celebration Walk, taking place on Saturday, May 13th, 2023. The proceeds from this Walk provide critical funds for Cancer LifeNet at the Patricia D. & M. Scot Kaufman Cancer Center at UM Upper Chesapeake Health. Cancer LifeNet provides nearly 300 unique programs and services to 1,900 Harford and Cecil County residents battling a cancer diagnosis and their loved ones annually. The services are entirely free of charge and are funded entirely through philanthropic dollars from people just like you and me. I hope you can support me this year! #WHYIWALK”

Sample Copy for Instagram: 

“I Walk for (List Why You Are Walking). Join me and my team for the 2023 Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk on Saturday, May 13th, 2023. All of the proceeds from this Walk go to benefitting Cancer LifeNet at UM Upper Chesapeake Health’s Patricia D. & M. Scot Kaufman Cancer Center. #WHYIWALK


“Over 300 Unique Programs. 1,900 individuals who annually benefit. $0.00 cost to the patient or their loved ones. That is the power of Cancer LifeNet. That is why I walk. Join me and my team to help fund this amazing program and help our local friends and neighbors. #WHYIWALK”


  Still have Questions? No problem!

Still have questions not answered by the FAQ?
Contact the Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation
at or call (443)-643-3460