7th Annual Kids for Hope

Highland's Legacy Team

The cause behind this FUNd raiser is near and dear to many of our hearts. Please consider donating, signing your children ages 7-18 up to participate, or spreading the word to neighbors and friends whom may be interested. Here is a glimpse back at Highland's past contributions....
2016: 6 kids participated on Highland's team. I am not able to report on amounts raised.
2017:10 kids were on "Team Marcia" and the team raised $5,527!!!!
2018: 4 kids made up "Highland's Legacy Team" and together raised $1,394
2019: to be determined... let's set some records!

Please contact Julie-Anna Shahan or Amy Hill with any questions, concerns or requests. The team is currently set for 10 am start time but that can easily be changed if needed.

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