8th Annual Amanda Hichkad CCA Virtual Celebration Walk
Mid Chemo Treatments in Jan of 2020
Mid Chemo Treatments in Jan of 2020

3 Little Birds


Most of you know, I was diagnosed October 1st , 2019 with Stage 3C Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  This was NOT in our plans. I NEVER thought this would happen to ME. I PRAY HARD that no one ever has to walk through those doors like I did at the Kaufman Cancer Center. Scared is a understatement. The reality is that 1 out of 8 women will hear those words "You have Cancer". When I did, from that day on, I knew I was coming to a special place. The compassion they show is real. The nurses in the infusion center are truly angels. They have a tough job but always had a way of smiling, sometimes singing and dancing to put a smile on your face. They began to feel like family. 

I feel very excited about the Virtual Amanda Hichkad Walk and to have my own team "3 Little Birds" to raise funds for 'Cancer LifeNet' at the Kaufman Cancer Center. They took such good care of me while I was in treatment. 

I can not stress enough how fortunate we are, living in Harford County, to have this Cancer center in our backyards. The countless trips made here were way too many to count, some weeks we were there daily. I could not imagine having to drive to and from, for up to an hour each way for treatments, blood work, scans and Dr. visits. You are not only physically drained but emotionally drained. The donations raised do so much for the patients (a long list) which could not be obtainable  without your donations.

If you would like to do a virtual walk and donate OR just donate, I would be VERY thankful! I am going to walk on Sunday May 16, 2021 at the Ma and Pa Trail at 10:00.
We will start at the Williams St Entrance (off of Ellendale St from 924) The trail is approx 1.9 miles. (Please  note: the actual date is Saturday May 15, but we are doing ours on Sunday May 16 so my daughter can walk with me).

I would love it for anyone who would like to come out and walk with us. We will do some video clips to send to the Cancer Center to show our support and have some signs as well. You can walk for me OR for anyone who has survived, is battling or has lost a battle with this dreadful disease. 

I have decided to name our team "3 Little Birds". This has had a lot of meaning to me through this time in my life. I'm sure you have all heard the Bob Marley Song, "Three Little Birds"!  I started seeing 3 birds at one of my first Doctors appointments, there were 3 bird statues on the table as I sat in the waiting room. Then I started seeing 3 birds here and there and realized that it's "my sign" that "Every little thing IS gonna be alright!

Thank you to everyone who can be with us this day physically or in spirit....I appreciate each one of you! 


Chrissy & Paul

Lauren, Samantha & Matthew

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