7th Annual Amanda Hichkad CCA VIRTUAL Celebration Walk

"The Hitwomen"


Hello Friends!!

This year’s Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk, goes virtual. It is how our community will “come together” without officially “coming together” to honor, remember, and celebrate, while supporting cancer care at the Kaufman Cancer Center.

This Saturday, May 16th, we will be holding a Virtual Walk. That means, wherever you might be - show your support by going for a walk and share your activity with the rest of your Walk friends and family, on Facebook and other social media platforms! We want to see how many people we can get to participate. 

Once you have completed your Walk/exercise, go on your favorite social media outlet and share your activity with your Walk family by using the hashtag "#whodoYOUwalkfor & #myAHWfootprint. Using these hashtags and getting as many people as possible to participate in this movement online will show how big our Walk family truly is. You may also text them to 708-288-1422 (Melissa L.)

Our team is Churchville Lightning - The Hitwomen. ANYONE can join, not just Lightning folks. :) 

So far, here is the list of folks we will be honoring on our walks throughout the day.  Please message me names of loved ones you'd like to add so that they can be listed here and we will also have signs available to carry.

In Memory of:       

Amanda Hichkad

Alex Lebovic, DVM

Jen Donnelly


In Honor of:

Ken Laurentius

Janet Breen

Lacey Breeden

Crystal Brader

Putzer Evans




I hope you will join Team Churchville Lightning on Saturday!!





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